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1. A leader or influencer?

You have the power to make innovation happen: you are probably a Business Owner, CEO, Tech Lead or you influence innovation as a Journalist, Analyst, VC or Angel Investor.

2. A startup or well-established?

It's important to us that we have a mix of both, bringing together innovators from all industries. One example of what you can get from this.

3. Are you focused on growth?

You might not be there yet but your plan is to become larger then one person can handle. The time is yours Join SparkTrail (we're selective but Free)


At SparkTrail we serve to provide opportunities for innovators with high-growth objectives.

SparkTrail Events are currently held in MA, NH and ME: We organize Business, Tech, Social and Startup events and programs to help you make connections, do business and strengthen the reputation of your region as a center of business innovation.

By rotating our meetings in MA, NH and ME we increase collaboration and transparency across state lines allowing you to tap into new and expanding networks. Events we host are highly interactive and allow you to easily foster relationships with other professionals. To attend our events please apply to become a member.

Events we host are Member-only and tailored to you. There are No monthly or yearly fees to pay. If you would like to become an Open Office expert or support a innovation ecosystem in the Greater New England region by sponsoring an event indicate it on your membership form.


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